KRB Properties, Inc.
KRB Properties, Inc.

What We Do

KRB Properties, Inc. services include:


- Formulate a budget with the Owner of the property.


- Collect rents in a timely manner and pay all operating expenses related to the property.


- Prepare monthly computerized reports and year-to-date income and expense reports, plus disburse monthly Owner distributions.


- Coordinate Broker Leasing. Since our focus is on the management, we encourage Owners to list with brokers that are familiar with the market "niche" to lease their building. We have found this to be successful in keeping a high occupancy rate with our portfolio.


- Handle all tenant relations and provide a buffer between the Owner and tenants; when necessary coordinate the eviction process.


- Inspect the property on a regular basis, handle all maintenance and repairs and discuss with the Owner any major capital expenditures. We keep an extensive list of qualified maintenance companies to handle routine repairs as well as emergencies at fair rates.


- Maintain your property in pride of Ownership condition so quality tenants are attracted and the value of the property increases. 


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